PGPCM: About the course

This is the flagship programme at MICA. The two-year MBA program, and it’s most likely that this is the course that you’ve applied to. Check out the specializations here.

The PGPCM started off in 1994, and it’s moved from strength to strength. Today, alumni of this program have excellent jobs in advertising agencies, media houses, marketing firms and marketing research companies. Now let me tell you a little about this course, and how it’s different from a general MBA.

Like we mentioned before, MICA’s two-year programme is pure marketing, save a few foundation courses in finance and HR. All aspects of the PGPCM are marketing-oriented and at the end of two years, what you get is a well-bred communications professional who understands the consumer better than anyone else, and lives, breathes and thinks marketing and marketing strategy.

There are four specializations in the PGPCM: Brand Management, Account Planning and Management, Media Planning and Marketing Research. Learn about the specializations, in simple English, here!

So how is the PGPCM different from any other marketing course in India? I mean, if we claim that we’re the best marketing course in India, there has to be a reason, right? Thankfully, we have our reasons…

– Choosing to specialize in Marketing over 2 years gives us an extremely solid platform.

– We have some amazing faculty who are the best in their industry as either permanent faculty or visiting faculty. Out Of Home Media is taught by the innovators in the fields. Business of Bollywood is taught by the marketing manager of Yash Raj Films. MR is taught by presidents of MR companies. Account Planning features workshops from people who’ve set up their own ad agencies, like Anand Halve of Chlorophyll.

– We have lots of courses based on Culture. Like Language, Culture and Communications, Film Studies, Indian Cinema, Metaphors & Narratives, Semiotics, etc. All these lead to a sensitivity and understanding among the students, and is truly mind-opening. Infact, the course kicks off with a transcreativity workshop in which you will see creativity in all its avatars – from classical music, to dance, to karate, to pottery. If it sounds like fun, it is. It’s also an incredible educational experience.

– Our workshops and activities – We study customers during an urban retail visit, we study rural consumers during a rural consumer study, we work on live agency projects during the Account Planning workshops, we do MR, Brand and Media projects. All of these lead to a full-rounded marketing education.

– The companies that recruit us, and the industries we operate in, respect a MICAn for his strengths. Granted, finance and HR and operations may be slight weaknesses, and others will have an edge. But we have consciously chosen to walk down the marketing path, and we totally rock at that.

I suppose this is essentially all about the PGPCM course at MICA – if there is anything else you would like to know – please do mail us at

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  1. […] Links: The PGPCM || Specializations || Admission procedure || SBI Loan || MICAT || GE || PI || Placements || […]

  2. […] Links: The PGPCM || Specializations || Admission procedure || SBI Loan || MICAT || GE || PI || Placements || […]

  3. […] Links: The PGPCM || Specializations || Admission procedure || SBI Loan || MICAT || GE || PI || Placements || […]

  4. what are the no. of seats for this course>??

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