ExtraCurrics at MICA

MICA is a haven of extra-currics. Indeed, at any given point of time, there are numerous activities that happen on campus. To give you an idea of a few…

MICANVAS: MICA’s annual brand management fest is always a huge draw, and has been getting bigger year after year. From paper presentation contests to impromptu slide presentations, it has it all. Not to mention, some of the biggest bands in India – Zero, Them Clones, Indian Ocean, Parikrama, Strings (okay, that one was Pakistani), Euphoria… Have all performed at the main lawns at MICA!

Sankalp: Sankalp is MICA’s theater society. They run plays through the year, and the annual event is the main event at the Natrani theater, Ahmedabad. Sankalp has grown in magnitude every year and it’s more than just acting – 100+ students are involved in lights, makeup, costumes, music, sounds, logistics, sets, sales and marketing. Not to mention, directing! Check out the official Sankalp website here.

MICAMinds: MICAMinds provides students a chance to work on live projects from the indsutry, and get paid for the same. MICA students have worked on projects for Mudra, Voltas,McDonald’s, Barista, Yahoo!, Hero Honda, Rediffusion, Leo Burnett and many, many, many more.

MICA Lecture Series: MLS is a series of lectures conducted by industry practitioners coming down to MICA sharing their experiences with students. Last year saw Microsoft, OOH Media, Lious Vuitton and many more coming down to campus sharing their experiences.

CulComm: MICA’s Cultural Committee is in charge of celebrating festivals and organizing events at MICA. One of the most active and loved committees, they’ve made sure we celebrated Udiyan (the Gujarati kite fest), Dandiya nights, Onam, Diwali, Christmas, Janmashtami, Ganesh Puja, Eid, Saraswati Puja, Makar Sanskrati and many more. They also celebrate the fresher’s Cultural show and the seniors’ farewell show, replete with nostalgia!

LitComm: One of the more intellectual societies on campus! The LitComm is in charge of bringing out the Black Coffee – the termly magazine with articles by students, and the yearbook. They also conduct events on campus such as DC Picto, JAM and quizzes. LitComm also supports MICANVAS by bringing out the Daily Grind – a daily newsletter that is circulated to everyone during the fest.

Team Interface: Team I is responsible for representing MICA in the media – be it sending out press releases or conducting media-related events. UTVI, MTV, etc have come to campus and have covered MICA events under the aegis of Team Interface.

MICARE: MICA’s own retail store selling everything from chocolates to pain spray! Like they say, “There are some things in life that money can’t buy. MICAre offers them for free!”

MIChord: A new committee at MICA, which conducts musical events and fosters musical talent on campus.

Team Trinetra: Team T, as they are affectionately called, are in charge of campus entertainment including movie screenings and parties.

Apart from these, there are several other committees which you can be a part of at MICA – The MICA Council of student affairs, Team MICAmpaign, MessComm

If you have any more queries, do mail us at micampaign@mica.ac.in! View all the posts on the site here.


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