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This site is meant to help you out. Whether you’re a hardcore MICA aspirant, or whether it’s just one of the many colleges you’ve applied to and need some first-hand help, this site will help you out immensely. This is a student-driven initiative, and you get all the perspectives from a student point-of-view. So don’t worry :)

Just follow the links below, depending on which category you’re interested in. If you still have any doubts, please mail us at micampaign@mica.ac.in and we will get back to you in a jiffy!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to pop us an email at micampaign@mica.ac.in, and we’ll get back to you at the very earliest! Check out the MICA website as well.

PS: We have brochures for all the courses, so if you would like to have a look at them, mail us, and we’ll send them to you.


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  1. I’ve always wanted to get into MICA, and no, I don’t mean “that is, in case I don’t make it to an IIM”. Ever since I heard about this place, I’ve made up my mind that this is the place to get into. (Heck, I even blew 11 grand to write GMAT just because MICA accepts GMAT scores as well!). Anyway, this site made me drool just a little bit more. Keep up the good work and as an ICICI commercial goes – “Jeetey Raho!”
    Gracias !

  2. are there any reservations in mica???

  3. hey what percentile do they normally ask for
    i am a hardcore mica fan
    reply asap

  4. Amazing blog, of great help :) thanks a billion

  5. Hi,
    I want to advance my career in Marketing and advertising and thats the reason i want to join MICA.But going through the placement list of 2008 i didn’t see many big players like AC Neilsen , Star , JWT etc in the companies list.Also it says 94 ppl were placed.Can you give me an idea of your batch size.
    Also about the internships,where do MICAn’s generally do their internships….???

  6. Hello

    Is there any special preference given to students who wish to enter MICA thru CAT and not GMAT..CAT bein the toughest of all the xams..

  7. @jagdish – no, there are no reservations in MICA whatsoever..admissions are solely based on merit.

    @sharad – 87-88%ile and above is that what makes you eligible for getting a call.

    @Saumya – 94 people were placed because there were 94 people in the batch. As far as the companies that you mentioned are concerned, not everybody comes to recruit every year. However, we do have these companies as our regular recruiters. You can find more information about the placements on the website.

    @Bindu – there is no preference given as such, but the fact that not more than 10 people are taken through GMAT says a lot..

    Hope your queries are answered! Keep posting your concerns,

    Till then, bbye.

  8. gr8 blog… thank guys… well, i think i kinda blew up my CAT… According to my analysis, my Quants and DI score will b better that Verbal… Blame the negative marking… anyways.. MICA was my 1st choice… With 1.6 years of work exp with an MNC and mediocre score would get me a MICAT call?? *cross fingers*

  9. Hey

    I have 3 yrs of experience with a score of 85 percentile in CAT.Do I stand a chance of getting a call for MICA?

  10. whaaaaaaa? not more than 10 people thru GMAT? :-o
    whats the criteria?
    elaborate elaborate elaborate!

  11. hey i just love the site
    and am a fan since i came to knw abt mica (2007)
    please pray that i make it this year,,2009
    bit worried with my quant score in cat 08..
    thanks and wish me luck..

  12. Hello all,
    I’ve got 90 percentile in the CAT08, but only 25 percentile in the quant section but 98 pecentile in english. Additionally, i have two years of work-ex in marketing and communications. Should i apply to MICA?

  13. hi. what cut off is required to get into mica? are there any sectional cut offs??

  14. hello…i hav scored 95.71 percentile in CAT 2008. with 98 percentile in VA and 93 %ile in DI but my QA is low, 47%ile. can i apply? coz I read on the website that 50%ile is the minimum cutoff in QA…please reply

  15. very very informative website…it gave answers to all my questions…thanks moderators

  16. i m siddhant and my percentile in cat is 97.77 (quants 87.47 di 94.58 and va 96.89)…can i get a call from mica…further i have just bought the form from axis bank and send to mica…do i need to register online too..or do i need to write a sop? i m very confused now..please help

  17. with score of 90.47 over all , can i expect a call from mica???
    plz do reply me on my id at


  18. my cat 08 percentiles are

    TOT – 95.71

    will i get a call for MICAT 09?
    any chance
    thank you

  19. hi.

    my CAT percentiles are as follows

    QUANT 10.07

    DI 53.33

    VERBAL 99.18

    TOTAL 89.70

    do i have any chance ofgetting a call for MICAT this year?

    PS i dont have any work-ex.


  20. Hey, one more MICA worshiper here. My CAT scorecard says:
    OA : 89.30
    QA : 65.19
    LOGIC & DI : 81.27
    VA : 92.23
    I am aware of the fact that MICA cut off is overall 90 percentile. But i have heard that in case you have less than 90 overall, then you should have more than 90 percentile in verbal. When i came to know about that, i was like “Whoa!”. I just wanted to confirm whether i can convert my “Whoa!” into “Phew!”. As in, is what i just said true?

  21. Hi,

    I scored

    Quantitative 13.00 (out of 100) 62.91
    Logic & Data Interpretation 14.00 (out of 96) 53.22
    Verbal 50.00 (out of 160) 95.51
    Total 77.00 (out of 356) 87.10

    I also have a work ex of 4+ years, with average academics..Will I get a call for MICAT 09?

    You can also inform me on apeksha_pradhan@yahoo.com

  22. Hey,
    The applications for CCC program in MICA have started. Can i apply for that too? Is it possible to pursue PGDM-C and CCC simultaneously? Kindly elucidate on the same. Thanx

  23. Hello dear i am not able to look for the course in advertising and also want to know about the admission criteria. Please let me know

  24. Hey,
    Thanks a million for your replies to my earlier queries. One more thing that i wanted to know is around what time will i be receiving the MICAT call letter? They said the first week of Feb, but does it get later than that? Approximately on what date should i finally uncross my fingers and stop waiting for the call letter?
    Thanks once again for your help and guidance.

  25. @ Gargi.You will get a call for MICAT ’09. Considering your tot Percentile and High percentile in Verbal..

  26. hi there,
    cat 08 was a disaster,but mica is the place for me so gmat 09 plus cat 09 just for mica.
    so are there total 10 calls micat for ppl who submit gmat scores or total 10 seats …could you please clarify?

  27. hie guys…one part of my ques remained unanswered…where do MICAn’s do their intern’s and what are the dominating intern profiles….?? Also can you suggest any kind of specific book learning apart from CAT for the MICAT paper….?? i went through some sample papers and saw that much of it is what we have already learnt and the ques is can we recall that…

  28. I have a few questions here.
    1.Based on the Cat score people will be selected for MICAT.
    The question is will everyone be eligible for the next round of GD/PI or can even MICAT will act like just another means of filtering out more candidates.
    2. Do you need to answer all questions in MICAT and further there are no negative marking for wrong answers? Is it true??

  29. I scored 64% in quant 94 in VA and 77.77 in DI in CAT and still couldnt get a call at 89.30 total i probably thought its gonna be somewhere near 88 so i had a chance …now hopes are shattered pls let me know abt the cut off this yr….

  30. Sir i got shortlisted for MICAT.I would like to know if any preparation is required for this test.

  31. I had been literally nagging Time for some assistance on MICAT, which they replied in a shameless ‘Sorry’. This one comes as an oasis in a desert lolz.. Kudos to the effort guys !!

  32. hi.. i ve been shortlisted for MICAT.. but i do no ve any idea about t but would like to know more about it. can anyone pls help me with previous papers or maybe even patterns that ll provide an insight?! Coz im really looking forward to join MICA

  33. im confused regarding the MICAT.it says all questions are compulsory.does it mean it will have negative mark?i have been shorlisted for MICAT on 22nd feb.pls help me

  34. hey micaans,

    I am Running for Ahmedabad?????

    Are you Running on 1st May 2009, (The Gujarat Day)

    Swarnim Gujarat Mega Marathon 2009. (will Mica support this charity Walk???)

    by The Gujarat Tourism Developement Society(community that enrich lives)

    do give us your reply on gtds@in.com

    and find the Joy of Run….

    Rahul Dhyani
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  35. hi..
    i have done 3 yrs diploma in fahion merchandisind and retail management from fdddi noida…will i be eligible for the pg certificate course in visual merchandising from mica…plz do suggest me.

  36. Hi …I have got a call for MICAT this year with 91 percentile in CAT but I am not able to get MICAT solved papers of previous years.Can anyone help me with the same soon as MICAT exam is this Sunday.

  37. hi i want to advance my career in Radio joky can u give me a some information

  38. I have a query. How is MICAT evaluated? I could not find the weightage given to different sections of MICAT. Are they equal? The reasaon I am asking is because the story writing did not go good. Time finished before I could finish the story.

    Further, could you also tell about the kind of questions asked in the PI and what kind of group exercise is asked to do?
    What is evaluated in it? What if the exercise could not be completed, does it mean u r out?

    How and what should be prepared for the PI apart from the general Why MBA etc.?

    Esp what should be an answer to Why MICA? i have heard they r very particular about this question. I have my own reasons but am not sure the interviewers wud like them. could u plz suggest certain points?

  39. heyiii all…
    i’ll be a regular visitor of this page from now on..
    wish to get thru MICA. please help :)

  40. sir, i have a call from mica for their ge/pi…now in the form i have to write an sop and have to mention my 3 likes and dislikes…what actually do i need to mention as my likes and dislikes and further what do i need to mention in sop coz until now in the forms in which i needed to write an sop they gave the ques and needed to write an ans (like in FMS)…but here in mica they have just put SOP as the heading…so please kindly help me on this…further can i get any last years ge/pi expiriences…

  41. hey plzz tell me …chances of converting ge/pi call ??

  42. hello there i Rohit from Hyderabd. I am going to complete my BMM ( bachelor of multimedia course from JNTU) by 2010. I wanted to know if there is any MBA program related to my course and also the prerequisites to apply.. Any help would be truly appreciated .. CHEERS.. ……. Peace…. email- rohit.gari@gmail.com

  43. hi! i recently got to know about MICA. And in this short span of time i aspire to be a part of MICA but what make me to back off is that i have not been a very good student in my class x and xii. so, does the previous academic record plays a vital role in the selection procedure to MICA.

  44. you have not given me a reply.

  45. Want help !!!
    I am working in 5 star hotel as a graphic designer from last 15 months, now I got selected in Mica in CCC course, please give a genuine advice, should I leave my job and do the course, doing the course at the stake of job, is it worth at this time of recession.

  46. hii m rakhi done with my mba in finance and marketing planning to join MICA for my further studies..can u pls let me knw if thrz any 1yr course?
    thank u


  48. hi please can you tell me highest and lowest placement of mica’s pgpcme course plz plz help!!!!!

  49. I have cleared MAT with Composite Score 624.5 & Percentile 77.36 can i apply

  50. what is the fee structure for the PG management course?

  51. hey when is the second list(pgdcm) gonna release?

  52. HI! I really liked this site ,great job ,well done!!!!!But I like the E-brochure part the most….its a great concept ,very very well done!!!!I want to purse some media related course from MICA coz after visiting this site I m just crazy about this institute..could u please tell me about the enterence exam for it and what should I prepare for the exam..plz tell me as I have no idea about it….Thank you

  53. I wanna known whether there in any diploma course for event management there? n what is the process of admission?

  54. hello guyz….wnt to eniquire tat m already cumpleted my graduation in mass media…so still have to apply for the entrance exam for masters in mass media…….

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